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Friday, February 17, 2017

Restoration Old RB

Hai long time not update my blog... Hope still have followers .. Hihi..Just want to update my latest restoration old RB... Come with rusty frame and must change few parts also must paint it. Originally this is Shimano frame that what I know because of decal at that frame. 1st i clear the rusty,old paint, change the bottom bracket.. Front rym change the another because the old use steel and rusty. After few days I painted with blue colour.. Take time to restore because of my budget, after have a budget I buy a pair new deli tyre 27".. 7 speed chain,also buy 2nd hand crank from my friend. Most of part use the old come with the bicycle,just clean it back.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

MM4WD off-road to Sungai Liang,Raub,Pahang

We start from Kuala Lumpur at midnight move to Raub,Pahang.Around 6.00am we arrive at kem Pulau... Earlier we want camping there but have a construction near by and the situation is not comfort.Our member decide to find the another campsites... Drives around half and hour we reach at the place must cross the big hole!!Have a meeting then decided to repair the wood bridge and cross one by one to go to the another campsites kem Kecewa.After 2 hours we all arrive at the campsite and make preparations for our accommodation....tent,fly,hammock..We take a rest and enjoy the nature,nice streams!!Some of us  go fishing,sleeping,cooking after long journey from Kuala Lumpur.This trip light and medium for us..not hardcore!!The next day after we have a lunch,we make preparations for turn back to Kuala Lumpur.. Ground 7.00 pm we all arrive near Bandar Raub,we have our dinner first!! Really² hungry haha.....At the midnight we all arrive at Gombak,from there we back to our home....We really enjoy this trip with new and old friends.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Vacation at Angin Laut Chalet,Pengkalan Balak,Melaka,Malaysia.

15/12/2012 at 2.00pm check in at Angin Laut Chalet. Price for family room have 5 bed RM 160.00 on school holiday.The location nice and not to buy.Suitable for relax and not to far,around 150 km from Kuala Lumpur. The beach also clean...I recommended this place.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Short Bicycle Tour To Jeram

This is short tour with my friends and my son on Deepavali public holiday.We start ride around 8.45 am from brother Haris house SPK Cahaya Shah Alam.We slowly ride a bit hilly to the the place really hilly we call it "dragon back" becouse the road up and down....hihi... After we up and down few times, we take a rest at roadside.... And then we cycling to Bukit Kapar via Jln Iskandar.That route really nice and lest traffic suitable for cycling and also cross a Malay village.After few hours ride we take a rest again under tree shade because weather a bit hot around 11.00 am.At 12.00 pm we arrive at Pantai Remis and we take break and enjoy sea view...After finish our drink,we have a lunch at Restorant Asam Pedas at Sungai Sembilang...That place famous for certain people for lunch! Seattle our lunch we ride forward to Kapar,before Kapar we stop for pray at near by surau.At the same we can see the cloud and thunder at the sky...that mean the place our forward to it's raining.We must move on because we don't want to cycling in the dark...but on half way a bit rain and we stop again and have a cup of tea at Meru...kampung shop!After finish our drink and still raining we cycle via Jalan Paip to finish our short bicycle tour around 73 km....We really enjoy the ride with brother Zul,Haris the sporting person and my son.Hope we ride together next time.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

D.I.Y Portable Radio Gobox

This portable set use a nanuk 905 (hard case and waterproof IPX 6).Also use leixen vv-898 mobile rig.Just have 2 step power low and high,loe 5 watt and high 10 watt. For me it's suitable for emergency use becouse use low power.Here also fix the USB and cigarette lighter plug in for l.e.d lamp and charge any gadgets. Use RH 7700 dual band antenna because mobile rig is dual band.At the bottom of this mobile rig I also fix small fan in case the rig hot when use.For power use rechargeable 9A battery.This portable gobox easy to carry any where want to go like travel, hiking,SAR operations, disaster and not to heavy.

Nor Muzammil 9W2SNR